Mortgage Protect


Introducing Mortgage Protect Estate Planning Service

Knowing what we know about the importance of estate and succession planning at all stages of life, we have partnered with some of the most experienced and respected lawyers in Australia to facilitate a streamlined process to help ensure your wishes for the future are honoured. 

We have taken the heavy lifting out of finding the right legal advisers, following a detailed (and ever-evolving) due diligence process, to short-list the providers that we believe can provide quality outcomes to our clients. 

What was once a long and complex process is now timely, simple and streamlined. 

We appreciate this isn't an easy topic, but at the same time, it would be remiss of us to not acknowledge the fundamental importance of this service.

Our Process

Mortgage Protect have partnered with BMP Advisory to provide estate and succession planning services to Mortgage Protect clients. At no cost or obligation, we can help you determine the documentation that you should have in place to protect your family, and your assets.

By completing your complimentary estate planning needs assessment, you will be provided with a report which details the legal documents you should have in place, and the costs of having these documents drafted by our approved panel of legal and estate planning specialists.

We appreciate that cashflow can be tight, especially when buying a new home. To assist, Mortgage Protect have made arrangements with our approved legal providers so that we can offer our clients an interest-free payment plan (which, even better, is not subject to any credit enquiry or assessment!) for your required legal documents. 

So you can get the insurance and legal documents you need now, without the normal upfront cost.

1. Discuss your needs with us or click on the link and complete your free needs assessment

Once completed a consultant from BMP Advisory will contact you to facilitate this process and ensure that you and your loved ones are protected.

2. Recommendation and quote

Based on your requirements, the consultant will provide you with a list of recommendations and a quote. 

The quote is a fixed, flat fee (inclusive of all legal costs) to have your entire Estate Plan completed.

3. Acceptance and Payment

If you wish to proceed, you will be sent a payment arrangement proposal, which is on interest-free terms over 12-months.

4. Data Collection

They will collect any additional information or requests to ensure your wishes are accurately represented and honoured.

5. Close the deal

The matter is forwarded to our trusted legal partners to be drafted, reviewed and signed-off.

Your final Estate Planning documents are completed.